Poor but good: the results of harvest 2017


Poor but good: the results of harvest 2017

The last wine harvest has been one of the lowest ever, but with a very good quality of grape.

2017 records one of the lowest yields ever (the second lowest in Italy from the postwar period till today), with a sharp -40% over average values. As in recent times, this year was also very hot and affected by few rainfalls, with significant influences on ripening of grapes. For some vines in particular, damages caused by late spring hailstones have been highly compromising: in our case, the label of Dolcetto d'Alba San Cristoforo this year will not be bottled since the vineyard recorded a -85% harvest .


The influence of climate events on 2017 harvest

The year began with a mild winter characterized by a few snowfalls, while during the spring there were some rains and temperatures above the seasonal averages that led the vines to develop in advance. Despite some temperature leaps between April and May, frosts and hailstones, the situation stabilized at the beginning of the summer, guaranteeing good phytosanitary conditions for vineyard development.

In the late summer, the slight decrease in temperatures, with significant heat changes between day and night, affected the accumulation of scents, especially in white grapes. Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes also recorded good values ​​in terms of accumulation of anthocyanins and tannins, essential to ensure a good aging to red wines.

The alcoholic grades are high but in the average: the vine has in fact interrupted its metabolic processes in the warmer period, reaching regular harvesting.

The pH values ​​were also satisfactory, while the acidity was lower due to the excellent maturation of the bunches.

As in every dry vintage, the yield of vineyards was much lower than the average, but the grape harvested showed healthy and well matured berries with an average percentage of must/grape skin.

Harvesting has also been one of the earliest in recent years: grape harvesting started soon, and from August onwards we were engaged in picking Nebbiolo, Moscato, Grignolino, Chardonnay and so on.

The vine plant always amazes us: despite the weather conditions being sometimes extreme, it always finds its strength in reacting and giving us a wonderful grape. Now the must is in the winery and it is up to us to interpret the raw material better, so that you can taste high quality wines soon! ;)

Poor but good: the results of harvest 2017
Poor but good: the results of harvest 2017
Poor but good: the results of harvest 2017


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