Roero Arneis,


Roero Arneis, "Magia" and tradition

We reveal some secrets about the production of our Roero Arneis Magia 

The thousand facets of our territory can only be represented and enhanced through the peculiarities of the wines. Langhe and Roero, although they are only a few kilometres apart and are divided only by the Tanaro river, are two territories each with its own strong identity. While the Langa stands out for its gentle, sinuous slopes that soar to great heights, the Roero is distinguished by its moderate heights and sandy, fossil-rich soil which, excellent aromas and a fresh minerality to the wines. A typical vine of the area is the Arneis, from the Piedmontese word birbante, probably due to the vine's somewhat unruly shape. From it comes the Magia, Roero Arneis docg, characterised by fresh scents that smell of Roero, a land rich in orchards. (Its structure) Its character is unmistakable: remarkable structure with balanced acidity and the right sapidity: it is not by chance that Arneis was once defined as the "white Nebbiolo".

Our Roero Arneis docg comes from vineyards in the municipalities of Castagnito and Priocca, where the sand gives way in part to limestone and clay.


We intend Magia as synonym of astonishment

When we had to find a name that was able to sit perfectly our Roero Arneis, we immediately though of “Magia”.

The wine of the first harvest was ready and amazed us with the intensity of its aromas, its great structure and at the same time its pleasantness: "Magia" is the name that best represents this sensation.

Magica is the name that best represents this sensation. Magia also means innovation, because to create a Roero with class and structure, twenty years ago we thought of two key points:

grapes with a much higher maturity than how they were traditionally harvested, and tailor-made winemaking strategies, with a mix between the respect for the grapes in the press that we learned when making Metodo Classico sparkling wine and modern techniques to protect the must from oxygen. Now to increase the sustainability of our wines we have taken on a new challenge: limiting the use of cold with fermentation at higher temperatures to waste less energy. The first trials of fermentation at 20°C rather than 12 or 16°C have convinced us that we are on the right track with a wine that is still very fruity but with even greater respect for the typicality of Arneis and the environment.  


About harvest 2020

We can define the 2020 harvest as exceptional and it has given us healthy and perfectly ripe Arneis grapes, capable of developing a high quality in the wine with great aromatic cleanliness and structure.

The aromas are fresh and fruity, tending to emerge notes of citrus, pear, nectarine with pleasant floral hints of broom and chamomile and spicy hints of sage and thyme that make it even more intriguing.


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Roero Arneis,
Roero Arneis,
Roero Arneis,

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